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Delphis Containers Private Limited is a leading water management solutions provider company in India. The company offers best in class water storage tanks viz Blow Moulding Tanks, Roto Moulding Tanks and Puff Tanks that are specially designed keeping in view the extreme weather conditions of our country. Puff Tanks keep the stored water temperature normal during both summer and winter days. The company also offers a diverse range of products like Tank Base, Cisterns & Seat Cover, Garden Pipe, Dustbins, Planters, Kitchen Sink, Staircases and other Household products

Safe and Hygienic drinking water is vital in today’s pollution prone environment. However, it is getting scarce every passing day. In this scenario, it is extremely important to have a water storage solution that is safe and hygienic for drinking water. In pursuit of this, Delphis has put forth water storage solutions that deliver highest standards of hygiene at reasonable prices.


Our Products

Delphis (Blow 5 Layers)
Water Care(Blow 5 Layers)
Delphis Queen(Roto 4 Layers)
Delphis Cool (Tripple Puff - 8 Layers)
Industrial Pallet
Garden Pipe
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Delphis Containers Pvt. Ltd Is Your Trusted Choice For .water Storage Solutions With A Commitment To Quality, Reliability And Customer Satisfaction, We Offer A Wide Variety Of Containers Suitable For Various Industries. Our Expertise, Competitive Pricing And Exceptional Service Make Us The Preferred Partner For All Your Water Storage And Household Needs.

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  • ISO Certified Products
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Diverse Product Range
  • Constant Innovation
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